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General TI-99/4A Resources

The following sites contain a wealth of TI-99/4A information and are well worth a visit...

   MainByte TI99 Site

   AtariAge TI99/4A Forum

   WHT's TI99 Archive

   TI99 Infospot

   Area 99

   The TI99 Tech Pages

   Xona's Parsec Facts


   TI99/4A Videogame House

   Hexbus TI99 Book Archive

   TI99ers Cartridge List

   TI99/4A Yahoo! Group

   TI User Group (UK)

   TI99 Forever


   TI99 Geek

   Can't Stop Clicking

   Stuart Conners TI-99/4A Site

   Bromosel's TI-99/4a Downloads


   TI99 Italian User Club

   Wagners TI-99/4A TechTalk